Are you thinking of hosting an energy project on your land?

We understand that choosing the right energy partner is a big decision, choosing Balance Power for your energy project means choosing a partner who is committed to your success, your land's potential, and the future of renewable energy.

Our Solutions

Maximise your income from the following technologies:

Battery Storage

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are developments that store electricity, at times of high generation and low demand, and release this energy back onto the grid system in times of high demand

Solar Power

Solar power works by converting energy from the sun into power. There are two forms of energy generated from the sun for our use – electricity and heat. Both are generated through the use of solar panels, which range in size from residential rooftops to ‘solar farms’ stretching over acres of rural land.

Wind Power

Wind power or wind energy describes the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power.

What We Do

We work with landowners to balance the UK’s evolving power needs with innovative, clean-energy solutions.

Why Us

Choosing the right partner for an energy project is a big decision.


Experience & Expertise

With years of experience in the energy industry, our team brings exceptional expertise to every project. From site assessment to project development and beyond, we have the knowledge and skills to ensure successful outcomes.


Tailored Solutions

We recognise that every piece of land is unique, so we tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs and objectives of each landowner. Whether you're looking to rent or sell your land for an energy project, we will develop a plan that maximises the potential of your property and your income.



We believe in transparency and open communication every step of the way. From initial consultations to ongoing project updates, we keep landowners informed and involved, ensuring a collaborative and positive experience throughout the process.


Commitment to Sustainability

As advocates for a cleaner, more sustainable future, we are committed to developing renewable energy projects that benefit both landowners and the environment.


Long-Term Partnerships

We value long-term partnerships with landowners and are dedicated to building relationships based on trust and integrity. Our goal is not just to complete a project but to pursue lasting partnerships that continue for years to come.

St Helens


The unused parking area was repurposed to house 7, highly efficient 2MW gas reciprocating generating units, able to respond within 5 minutes to peak demand shortfalls in electrical supply. The project also has provisions in place to provide heat to the local businesses within Alexandra Park with the use of Heat Recovery (HRSG) to be implemented in Phase 2 of the scheme.

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St Helens

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