Evolve: How Oliver Pettersen, Connections Manager keeps up to date with the latest developments within the energy sector.

At Balance Power, our values are at the core of everything we do, and as the energy sector undergoes constant change, staying informed and agile is more crucial than ever.

In this feature, we focus on how we are constantly evolving and thrive in that change. Join us as we uncover what enables us to not only keep pace with industry advancements but also lead the change towards a sustainable energy future.

Oliver Pettersen, Connections Manager at Balance Power explores how he navigates the latest industry developments, ensuring that Balance Power remains at the forefront of change:

To keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry, I rely on regular interactions with engineers, who provide invaluable insights into emerging trends and technological advancements. These conversations not only give me further insight into the industry's direction but also help me gauge the best timing for adopting new technologies without falling behind or jumping ahead prematurely. By staying connected with engineers and developers, I gain an understanding of ongoing projects, technological innovations, and future aspirations within the network.

In this fast-paced environment, standing still isn't an option. The energy sector evolves rapidly, with significant shifts occurring within short timeframes. From the emergence of battery storage to the transition away from gas peakers, staying ahead requires constant networking. Attending webinars hosted by distribution network operators and participating in industry associations like the Energy Networks Association keeps me updated with policy changes, industry developments, and projected timelines.

As a part of the Energy Networks Association, one of my active involvements is within a working group focused on expediting the integration of renewable schemes into the energy grid. We're currently exploring ways to accelerate the process, particularly in regions like the Northwest, where demand for renewables is high. Working alongside like-minded professionals who share our vision and actively involve policymakers, we aim to simplify the delivery of renewable projects, meeting both immediate necessities and long-term sustainability goals.

Looking ahead, the industry landscape is ready for significant transformations. Policies are expected to drive the expansion of onshore wind capacity, presenting new challenges and opportunities. Discussions around emerging technologies like hydrogen are ongoing, with a focus on understanding their feasibility, costs, and engineering requirements. While embracing change can be daunting, having the right network of contacts and a proactive approach to change ensures that we are constantly evolving and are adaptive and responsive to industry shifts.

As we continue to navigate through the dynamic energy landscape, it's essential to remain adaptable and forward-thinking. By developing a culture that is willing to evolve, companies like Balance Power can stay ahead of the curve, driving positive change within the industry and beyond.