Our Team

An expert team with a proven track record.

Through years of dedication and collaboration with landowners and businesses our team have the knowledge and expertise to deliver results.

With a 94% success rate in securing planning, reaffirms our deep understanding of energy projects and how to achieve the vision of our landowners and businesses.


  • Phil Thompson

    Phil Thompson

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ruaridh Mitchell

    Ruaridh Mitchell

    Chief Operating Officer

Development Team


  • Charlotte Vick

    Charlotte Vick

    Design & Development Assistant

  • Craig Griffiths

    Craig Griffiths

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Dan Levy

    Dan Levy

    Planning Lead

  • Danny Perera

    Danny Perera

    General Counsel

  • Graeme Boardman

    Graeme Boardman

    Land Consultant

  • Ian Williams

    Ian Williams

    Development Manager

  • Janine Brighouse

    Janine Brighouse

    Office Administrator & Accounts Administrator

  • Jay Aljarad

    Jay Aljarad

    Connections Assistant

  • Jaydn King

    Jaydn King

    Land Consultant

  • Lisa Hampton

    Lisa Hampton

    Process Manager

  • Lois Gale

    Lois Gale

    Design & Development Assistant

  • Lucy Moran

    Lucy Moran

    Process Team

  • Lisa Lawler

    Lisa Lawler

    Land Consultant

  • Martin Evans

    Martin Evans

    Business Development Manager

  • Nick Provost

    Nick Provost

    Commercial Manager

  • Oliver Pettersen

    Oliver Pettersen

    Connections Lead

  • Phil Higham

    Phil Higham

    Project Manager

  • Ryan Macindoe

    Ryan Macindoe

    Planning Manager

  • Sarah Spencer

    Sarah Spencer

    Land Manager

  • Suzanne McMullin

    Suzanne McMullin

    Financial Controller

Want to get in touch/speak to the team?
 Drop us an email

Want to get in touch/speak to the team?

Drop us an email