Solar panels are arguably the most reliable renewable energy technology for many businesses.

There are many huge financial and environmental benefits that come with investing in solar panels for your business. Solar Panels are known for being extremely efficient and for their longevity.

Begin using your land or rooftops to generate much-needed electricity so you can save on your monthly energy costs. Long gone are the days when Solar PV was seen as ‘experimental’, it is now the fastest-growing energy source not only in the UK, but the whole world.

Here are just a few of the benefits of choosing solar panels for your business:

Solar PV solutions can really help your business move forward. Whether you are simply looking to reduce energy bills, or you are actively taking steps to become a greener business.

Over the last couple of years, there has been massive volatility in the energy markets. This means there has never been a greater time for companies to start investing in Solar PV solutions.

Whichever funding route you choose, you can be sure you will make a saving on your energy bills. Modern solar panel technology means that while direct sunlight is good, solar panels simply need daylight to work.

In some instances, our clients have seen a reduction of up to 75% in their energy bills. As an added bonus, you can also sell any unused electricity back to the grid. While this doesn’t bring in huge revenues, it is certainly a sweetener.


Your solar panels will produce 0 greenhouse gasses. The more energy you use produced by your solar panels, the less you rely on the national grid. Only some of the electricity you purchase through the grid is renewable, whereas 100% of the electricity produced by your solar panels is renewable.

Take a positive step towards a cleaner, more renewable future.


With volatility in the energy markets comes the risk of blackouts and disconnections. If you are generating your own power onsite, you can minimise the threat this would pose to your business.

In the long term, fossil fuels will run out. Their scarcity is already posing a threat to the way the world generates energy. Because of this, more and more businesses are choosing to produce their own energy, to secure their future.


Not only is money a massive motivator to invest in solar PV, but government set sustainability targets are also an incentive. The UK government are putting pressure on business owners to reduce their carbon footprint and look after the environment. Therefore, net-zero targets are becoming a higher priority for businesses. You can start by investing in Solar PV solutions for your company to propel your business’s green-status.

But, the Government are not the only people you need to impress. Research shows that 80% of consumers favour a brand which is demonstrating green initiatives. With the rise of the B-corp status, more consumers are becoming aware that their choices affect the world around us.


Rooftop Solar Panels There are a range of options for rooftop solar panels, that's why it's best to talk to the experts (us!). Our team will always inspect your rooftop first and from there assess what solution would be best for your building. The size of the installation will depend on a range of factors such as your building size and surroundings.Start putting your roof’s empty space into good use and start producing clean renewable energy through rooftop solar PV. Don't have a usable roof? Consider ground mounted panels.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels Ground Mounted Solar Panels can be placed in numerous locations on your business site. They are just as productive and efficient as rooftop solar. With ground mounted panels you can also choose the panel direction and angle for optimal sunlight exposure. Getting ground-mounted solar panels could be a great option for your business if your roof is fragile, too small or shaded. Don't have land you can use? Don't worry, we can source some 3rd party land for you.


A Battery Energy Storage System or ‘BESS’ enables businesses to store unused energy on a commercial scale. Electricity grids often use this type of technology, as well as solar power systems, electric cars and smart homes. BESS can be installed either as a stand-alone technology or alongside other green energy technologies such as solar or wind.

BESS technology allows businesses to store energy at a time when they are generating more than they are using. The energy can then be distributed to where it is needed at a later time or date.

There has been a major increase in businesses seeking out renewable energy sources as we start to look to achieve net zero carbon in the United Kingdom and that has drawn attention to BESS. This technology will undoubtedly become one of the most essential technologies an organisation can have.

Battery storage facilities are similar in appearance to shipping containers. The design and siting of battery developments are tailored to minimise the visual impact. Systems can be located adjacent to existing infrastructure (e.g. substations, electricity pylons) to allow them to blend into the surroundings.

If your business is starting to look into assessing its net zero targets, battery energy storage is a perfect solution to start improving your energy efficiency and helping reduce your energy bills in the future.


Energy bills are continuing to rise. The repercussions on homeowners and businesses are widely reported and the UK is facing a cost-of-living crisis. International events such as the war in Ukraine impact on energy security and fossil-fuel prices across the globe.

As a country, we need to increase the amount of renewable energy we produce and use. This will ensure a cheap and secure supply of energy to meet current and future demands.

If your business is in a sector where energy demands are high such as manufacturing, healthcare, or retail distribution BESS can be a seriously powerful tool. If your business is looking to grow, BESS can be even more useful. BESS is designed to adapt energy flows to your business as and when you need it. So, if you’re not using it now, save it for the future when you will need it in the long-run.


There are several massive benefits that come with having a battery energy storage system installed for your business such as:

  • An affordable way to store excess renewable energy created from solar, wind and more.
  • Can provide backup power when facing power cuts and extreme weather conditions.
  • Improve your power quality by smoothing out power voltage fluctuations.

In 2021 the National Grid costs to manage and mitigate issues caused by constraints caused by mismatches between renewable generation and demand profiles on the grid exceeded £1bn for the first time. These costs will continue to rise as more renewable generation is installed and if insufficient battery capacity is installed with it. BESS projects are key to bringing these costs down which will benefit all energy consumers.


Wind power has now found itself as the primary source of renewable energy in the United Kingdom and contributes to 20% of the country’s energy. Installing wind turbines can cut your energy costs and reduce your carbon emissions. There are many UK businesses that benefit from using wind power. You can find there is a range of wind turbines that come in different sizes that suit your energy needs.

Wind turbines are able to turn the kinetic energy in the wind into electricity or mechanical power. The blades on the turbine rotate when there is wind. This then spins a shaft that is connected to the generator allowing you to have clean and renewable energy.


There are two different types of wind turbines that you can install for your business. The two types are free-standing wind turbines (also known as pole-mounted) and building-mounted wind turbines. The free-standing wind turbines are usually much larger than your building-mounted and are more suitable for those in rural locations.

Building in urban areas is more suited to having building-mounted wind turbines as they are much smaller in size. The cost of the two will range depending on the size and model. It is better to speak to an expert team such as Net Zero Power who can assist you with the installation of wind turbines for your business.


Wind energy is known as a ‘native energy’ due to the fact that is practically everywhere in the world and especially in the United Kingdom. As we move forward into a move greener world, it is important that your business starts to look more into using renewable energy sources such as wind power. Wind power does not contaminate and it is inexhaustible. Most importantly, it reduces the use of fossil fuels which are the origin of greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

Wind turbines have a long lifespan lasting up to 25 years and maintenance can be done every couple of years to make sure that it is running smoothly with no problems. As a business, we always look to save money so we can re-invest in other areas. By installing wind turbines for your business, you can have much lower energy costs and over a period of time the wind turbines will pay for themselves through the savings you make.


Wind power technology is constantly evolving and now is the perfect time for your business to start reaping the wonderful benefits that come with using wind energy.

These are just some of the many benefits that your business can get when installing wind turbines:

  • Cut your energy bill costs.
  • Renewable energy source.
  • Reduces fossil fuels.
  • Does not emit toxic substances.
  • Shows your business is sustainable.

It’s important as a business that you are always looking to contribute to sustainable development for both your company and the planet. Start producing wind energy today through powerful wind installation with Net Zero Power.